Caltex Cabbie 21 Programme

Extending Cabbie 21 member benefits to Medisave

While you’re focused on getting your customers place to place; we’re focusing on taking care of your needs. Cabbie 21, a loyalty programme designed for licensed taxi drivers/ private hire drivers, rewards our members with fuel discounts and Medisave contributions.



  • Enjoy exclusive Cabbie 21 promotions and offers
    Enjoy 20% fuel discount^ for Grab / General Cabbie 21 Members instantly at any Caltex service stations with your Cabbie 21 Card.
  • Receive CPF Medisave contributions
    Every petrol or diesel purchase entitles you to an additional 2% CPF Medisave Contribution credited to your CPF Medisave account, when you make a minimum nett spend of $350 on fuel per month.
  • Earn LinkPoints
    Accumulate LinkPoints for (Plus! Card members) on your fuel purchase to offset your fuel purchase.
^ Fuel discounts stated are inclusive of prevailing site discount and are not valid with other upfront discount promotions including but not limited to credit card discount and promotional site discount. These discounts and terms and conditions may be amended by Chevron Singapore Pte. Ltd. (“Chevron”) at anytime without prior notice. All decisions made by Chevron will be final. 

Updating details for existing members