Caltex PNB Gas to Win Raffle Promo

Caltex PNB Gas to Win Raffle Promo

Caltex PNB Raffle 2021


Valid: 15 September to 14 November 2021
Terms and conditions


  1. This promo is open to all active principal and supplementary PNB Credit Cardholders in good credit standing1 during the Promo Period and at the time of the raffle draw.
  2. Cardholders of Corporate/Distribution Credit Cards issued by PNB, employees of PNB and Chevron Philippines Inc. and other Chevron companies in the Philippines, their advertising/PR agencies and their accredited service providers, contractors, retailers, suppliers or business partners, including their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining the Promo.

Promo Period and Offer:

1. Promo period is from September 15, 2021 to November 14, 2021. Raffle draw will be done on November 26, 2021.

2. Cardholders may earn electronic raffle entries by using their PNB Credit Card at any participating Caltex stations during the Promo Period, where a Cardholder will earn one (1) raffle entry for every multiple of Php200.00 per transaction. Sample breakdown as follows:

Transaction Made within the Promo Period


Raffle Entries Earned

Transaction #1



Transaction #2




3. Cardholders with electronic raffle entries may win from the following pool of prizes:


Quantity of Winners

P100,000 worth of Cash Credits


P50,000 worth of Cash Credits


P15,000 worth of Cash Credits


P5,000 worth of Cash Credits



Raffle Draw

  1. Winners will be drawn via electronic raffle via Microsoft Teams at 5:00pm, witnessed by a DTI representative.
  2. Winners will be announced via PNB Cards Website ( and PNB Cards Facebook Page, after validation of winners.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The winning transaction must be valid. In case the transaction is reversed on or before the draw, the raffle entry will be forfeited.
  2. PNB holds the right to certify whether or not a winning cardholder is an eligible cardholder and his/her account satisfies the criteria set in the promo mechanics. PNB reserves the right to choose another winner should a cardholder fail to satisfy the criteria set.
  3. PNB reserves the right to reject a participant if he/she is unable to meet the conditions set out in the promo mechanics. PNB reserves the right to verify the eligibility of the cardholder and the drawn entries.
  4. Winners will be notified by phone and through an official notification letter sent by registered mail based on the cardholder's information in the records of PNB. Cardholder must have his / her Taxpayer's Identification Number (TIN) ready for validation purposes.
  5. Winners must provide their TIN within 10 days from receipt of registered notice. If for any reason, the winner is unable to provide the requirement within the given period, the prize will be forfeited, in favor of PNB with prior approval from DTI.
  6. rediting of prizes will be done not later than December 24, 2021 (or 20 working days after raffle draw).
  7. The winning credit card must be active for a minimum of 12 months from the date when prize was credited/delivered. Prizes will be forfeited or charged back to the credit card in full if the winning credit card is cancelled voluntarily. No refunds will be given.
  8. The 20% prize tax shall be shouldered by PNB.
  9. PNB shall have the right to disclose and publish names, photos and other information of the winners in any mode or manner as it deems appropriate.
  10. The Promotion is non-transferable, non-cumulative, cannot be exchanged for cash or other products, and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts, promotions, discounted items and fixed price items, unless otherwise stated.
  11. All matters and disputes will be subject to the final decision of PNB and its partner merchant in concurrence with DTI, will be deemed final and irrevocable.
  12. Any amendment in the terms and conditions is subject to DTI approval.
  13. The Terms and Conditions governing issuance and use of PNB Credit Cards are incorporated herein by reference and made an integral part hereof.

1Cardholders in good credit standing are those whose accounts are not delinquent, suspended, not under investigation due to suspected fraudulent activities, are not reported lost or stolen.

Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-126933 series of 2021.


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