Caltex StarCard as Landers Membership Card

Gas up and shop at Landers using your Caltex StarCard

Good news! Your Caltex Starcard may now be used as a Landers Membership card starting May 15, 2021. 

With this new partnership, all Caltex StarCard holders may enjoy the following benefits at Landers Superstores:

Access to a wide selection of top-notch local and international branded goods

Participation in Super Crazy Sale, Super Fuel Sale, and other promotional activities when cash or personal bank card is used for the fuel purchase

Free haircut or shampoo and blow-dry services at Federal Barbers

Member discount at Capital Care Pharmacy

Excellent food and drink choices from Landers Central, Doppio, and Dough & Co.

Fast and easy shopping on Landers online store


Landers Membership Card

Caltex Starcard

Instore Shopping

Online Shopping*

Landers Membership Fuel Discount**

Landers Fuel Coupons

Redemption of Landers Fuel Coupons**

Super Crazy Sale, Super Fuel Sale and other promotional activities**

Free haircut or shampoo and blow-dry services at Federal Barbers

Member discount at Capital Care Pharmacy

Landers Central, Doppio, Dough & Co.

* Caltex Starcard holder will need to register first. 
** Provided that Caltex Starcard holder will purchase fuel using cash or personal cards.


  • Only active StarCard may be used. A list of active cards will be provided to Landers on a regular basis.
  • Newly issued StarCards will be activated at Landers every 15th calendar day of the following month.
  • Registration to Landers is not required but encouraged to keep you updated on Landers Superstore promos. Cardholder may sign up online through Landers website or through the membership area in Landers Superstore. Sharing of personal information will be subject to Landers Data Privacy provisions.
  • When purchasing goods, the StarCard holder may proceed to the checkout counter and present their StarCard. Vehicle Specific and Admin type StarCard may be transferable but cardholder will be required to present their government issued ID which matches the name of the cardholder’s personal credit / debit card.
  • StarCard cannot be used to purchase goods in any Landers shops and affiliate stores even if the card is set for ALL Products.
  • For fuel purchases, the StarCard acceptance procedure at the Caltex Outlet stations will apply. Cardholder is not entitled to the discount offered to regular members regardless of the amount purchased at the store unless the fuel purchase will be settled with cash or personal bank card.

Station Address

Landers Alabang

Daanghari Road, Almanza Dos, Las Pinas City

Landers Arcovia

Arcovia City, Brgy. Ugong, Pasig City

Landers Balintawak

EDSA, Balintawak, Quezon City

Landers Cebu

Cardinal Rosales Cor. John Paul Avenues, Cebu City

Landers Otis

1890 Paz Guazon St., Otis, Brgy. 831, Zone 90, District VI, Paco, Manila